When going to go meet a single woman in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine, a good planning is required.
Here below, we explain in a step by step way how to proceed to have a pleasant trip and successful meeting.
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Meeting a Single Woman in Belarus, Russia or Ukraine
How to Make the Best Planning and Achieve Success

Dating Service to Meet Stunning Ukrainian Woman Elena from Zaporozhye, Ukraine

Unless you live in a nearby country and / or that you financially secure, traveling to Belarus, Russia or Ukraine to meet a woman who you only know from a dating site is usually a big decision. It will cost a fair amount of money and it is time consuming. Regardless, if you are serious about finding a Russian or Ukrainian bride, you need to go meet the lady in person.

However, letters, phone calls and Skype meetings are great to develop an interesting relationship and provide the incentive to go meet the lady face to face. The advantages of developing a relationship before traveling are that you may already have a meeting that have greater chances to be successful than a “blind date” and you will be working with honest people whose goal is to create couples.

If you don’t speak Russian and are not experienced with traveling in this part of the world, we strongly recommend that you take the time to make a good planning of your trip. We have seen men going to Russia and Ukraine to meet single women who were well prepared, had a scheduled meeting and were in contact with one of our trusted partner agencies and we have seen other men who were not prepared that way and simply went over there hoping for the best. The results were very different and of course, those who went on blind dates generally did not have much success.

Dating Site to Meet Single Russian Women

About traveling to meet a Russian or Ukrainian woman
The best step by step procedure based on our experience

First and very important, you have to choose a good and reliable dating site that offers genuine and honest services aimed at creating couples. As you may already know, there are many sites offering to meet single Russian or Ukrainian women and unfortunately, the majority are owned by the same people and are simply money making machines. However and fortunately, there are some good sites and we are part of them.

Next: select ladies who match your criteria and vice-versa and add them to your favorites list. Although it is true that Eastern European women are more opened to be with older men, don’t overdo it and remain realistic. Take the time to make yourself a nice profile of with recent photos, write a detailed introduction letter about the type of man you are and what you seek in a woman and send it to those women in your favorites list. Read the reply of those who are interested in knowing you more and write back to the ones who you feel could be the best matches.

After some letters, invite them to meet on Skype – on our site, it will be a one on one meeting, just between you and the lady (plus an interpreter if you ask for it). Once you both feel that the time has come to meet in person, plan to go meet her and the sooner the better. Here are some tips and advice about your traveling plan :

  • Depending on where you live and where you will be traveling, you may need a visa. If you live in Western Europe or Canada or USA, chances are you won’t need a visa to travel to Ukraine. To make sure, go on the Ukraine government official website or contact the nearest Ukraine embassy or consulate from where you live. Traveling to Belarus and Russia requires a visa for most countries. However, the procedure to obtain the visa is generally not complicated and does not cost much. Just remember that it may take a few weeks, thus plan it ahead of time.

  • Once you found out either you don’t need a visa or when you will have it if you need one, it is time to discuss the dates for the meeting with the lady. Of course, you will be traveling and it will have to be in regards of your possibility to take time off work but remember that she has a life too and it needs to also be in regards of her schedule. Try to find the best dates for both you and her, doesn’t matter if it is a little later than you wish. Knowing the dates of the meeting ahead of time will allow her to plan some time off work and plan for a babysitter, if needed.

  • Unless you are traveling to meet the one woman only, we recommend you plan to stay for at least 3 full days, while 5 to 7 days is even better. If the meeting goes well, you’ll have the chance to meet more times and deepen the relationship. If for any reason the meeting is not a success, you’ll have the time to meet other women who could be a match and still make you trip a success.

  • Next: go on the lady’s profile page and book the meeting with her according to the dates you agreed on. You will have 2 options: to book the meeting only or to book it with other services such as accommodation, airport pick-up and drop-off, interpreter services, tour of the city etc. Once you’ve booked the meeting, we will confirm it with our agency and the woman so she knows for sure you are coming to meet her on such dates.

  • Make sure you have traveling medical insurance covering the country you are going to.

  • Check if you mobile phone will work in that country and give family members and friends the phone number of our agency in case they need to reach you for an emergency.

  • Inform your bank and credit card company of your traveling plans to avoid that they block your card due to unusual transactions.

  • As in any trip, it is wise to carry some cash but no need to bring too much as there are ATM mostly everywhere. Wait until on location to get local currency and our agency staff will help to get the best conversion rate.

  • This is personal but we think it is always a good idea to bring the lady a gift. It does not have to be too expensive; actually it should not be too expensive and please, no rings before a fist meeting. A good perfume from the airport duty-free shop is always appreciated and if she has children, why not some gifts for them as well.

  • Probably, you are looking for someone who is beautiful both on the outside and inside. Chances are she is looking for the same. Please, don’t go to the meeting dressed in old jeans and a t-shirt. And of course, it is not a business meeting, so no need for a suit and tie. Simply dress sharp and be well groomed.

  • Although you may want to maximise the usage of the time you will be there, it is probably not a good idea to meet her in the following hours after your arrival, especially if you had a long flight. Remember, there is no second chance to make a first impression. Take the time to go to your apartment or hotel room, freshen up, get some rest and then go to that first and exciting meeting.

These are simply some of the main elements to focus on when traveling to Belarus, Russia or Ukraine for the purpose of meeting a charming woman who could become your future life partner. Of course, there are many other things to consider, especially if you plan to travel to different cities or countries. If you have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask us and we will do our best to help you. We wish you a very pleasant trip and mostly, we wish to help you to find a lovely Russian or Ukrainian bride.



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